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Joey @ Khatib Jetty

An overcast weather during an outdoor shoot creates dull colors that lack impact. This set was taken on the same day as my previous post so I decided to tweak the color in a way that complements the scenery.

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Shooting A Model

It’s been almost 3 years since I ventured into doing model shoots. It all started when I joined the strobist group in flickr to know more about off-cam lighting. Although it can be done with still life, I felt it’s…

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Hot Spot Removal (feat. Nat)

A simple way of removing hot spots in portraits using Photoshop.

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Single Strobe + Available Light

There is a common thing in all of the photos in this post – all were shot in a parking lot. Given with white ceiling and walls, and a single flash, I can’t really do much. But photography constantly surprises…

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Selene @ The Pinnacle

Confession: I’ve tried a new shooting technique that I saw from someone else – I couldn’t resist doing it.

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Kate @ The Pinnacle

So after a couple of months of burning the candle at both ends doing video editing, I finally got a chance to shoot again with a model and strobe lights. It feels so good to be shooting again.

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Creating Fake Gobo (feat. Kate)

Hello there, thought of sharing this tutorial on how to make a fake stripe gobo. Check out the video inside!

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Cross Processing (feat. Lena)

A short video tutorial on cross processing technique.

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The Art of Muay Thai

I always hear people asking why do we need strobes when shooting outdoor on a broad daylight. I always answer, “Because you’re in total control of the lighting situation”. My usual problem with using natural light is either having the…

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What’s on my playlist

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join this photo shoot that Antonette has been conducting for the past few months. This time there’s a theme with it and it’s all about music. The idea was definitely enticing as…

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