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Freddy + Jiaqi = Ethan

While you think that photographers’ strange poses are funny enough, wait until you take a photo of a baby. Not only you’ll see your self doing those awkward poses but you’ll also hear your self saying funny noises. I had…

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Ted @ 28 months

So… the younger your subject is, the shorter attention span you’ll get. Remember Ted? This little cute boy is now 28 months old. He was really happy to see me the moment I arrived and got even excited with the…

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Kai Hoe + May Wedding

When a door closes, a window opens. While this should be taken figuratively, May’s bridesmaids put a literal spin on this old proverb as they barred the door and watched Kai Hoe complete the challenges they had prepared through an…

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Punggol Lalang Field (ft. Jenzzy)

The calming still life of Punggol lalang fields, tucked away in a corner of the bustling city of Singapore. That’s where I went for my latest shoot, and the task at hand is to amp up some dynamism within this…

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A Take on B&W Noir Style (feat. Sheila)

It is very seldom that I get a chance to objectively shoot and convert photos to black and white. In fact, this is only my second time. The first was a few years back.

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Jaipal + Satveer Wedding

Party! – One word that could probably best describe Jaipal and Satveer’s wedding. It was a spectacular night at the NUS for their registry of marriage. It’s amazing that I was able to complete the shoot when my body was…

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Joey @ Khatib Jetty

An overcast weather during an outdoor shoot creates dull colors that lack impact. This set was taken on the same day as my previous post so I decided to tweak the color in a way that complements the scenery.

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Shil in kinis

So far, this is my most daring shoot. It almost caused my jaw to permanently unhinge when I shot this =))

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Shooting A Model

It’s been almost 3 years since I ventured into doing model shoots. It all started when I joined the strobist group in flickr to know more about off-cam lighting. Although it can be done with still life, I felt it’s…

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‘we live to deliver’ shoot

Another different thing for my portfolio, and I mean different.

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