Punggol Lalang Field (ft. Jenzzy)

The calming still life of Punggol lalang fields, tucked away in a corner of the bustling city of Singapore. That’s where I went for my latest shoot, and the task at hand is to amp up some dynamism within this peaceful surrounding. Read More

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A Take on B&W Noir Style (feat. Sheila)

It is very seldom that I get a chance to objectively shoot and convert photos to black and white. In fact, this is only my second time. The first was a few years back. Read More

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Pin up under the direct sunlight and shadow

After months of being confined in editing Supermodelme, I am now having a month break. I am slowly working on the concepts and inspirations that I gathered from the past few months of editing a reality show on modeling. I started with the one that has a minimal production. So I called one of my favorite models, Nina. Read More

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Joey @ Khatib Jetty

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Shil in kinis

So far, this is my most daring shoot. It almost caused my jaw to permanently unhinge when I shot this =)) Read More

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Shooting A Model

It’s been almost 3 years since I ventured into doing model shoots. It all started when I joined the strobist group in flickr to know more about off-cam lighting. Although it can be done with still life, I felt it’s more sensible to practice it with a human model. After all, I bought the camera to capture moments of life. At first I tried taking self-portraits, and then moved on to asking my friends to pose as my subject. Eventually I got hooked and decided to join a group that organizes model shoots. In the process, I enjoyed experimenting with natural light as well and even shooting without flash whenever possible. Read More

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Strobing Shilpee

It’s been a hectic month, editing videos, taking photos, and training for my new found love, Muay Thai. September is fast approaching, and the reality show that I’m currently editing is going to premiere soon on AXN. Don’t forget to catch it. Here’s the teaser to uhmm.. tease you :) Read More

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Hot Spot Removal (feat. Nat)

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Single Strobe + Available Light

There is a common thing in all of the photos in this post – all were shot in a parking lot. Given with white ceiling and walls, and a single flash, I can’t really do much. But photography constantly surprises me. Read More

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Selene @ The Pinnacle

Confession: I’ve tried a new shooting technique that I saw from someone else – I couldn’t resist doing it. Read More

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