Freddy + Jiaqi = Ethan

While you think that photographers’ strange poses are funny enough, wait until you take a photo of a baby. Not only you’ll see your self doing those awkward poses but you’ll also hear your self saying funny noises. I had a photo shoot with Ethan (and his parents), the trick was really knowing how to goo goo ga ga. The whole family was a joy to photograph, but obviously, it was Ethan who stole the whole show. Here are some of my favorite shots and pardon for going overboard in posting this ludicrously adorable baby. Read More

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Ted @ 28 months

So… the younger your subject is, the shorter attention span you’ll get.

Remember Ted? This little cute boy is now 28 months old. He was really happy to see me the moment I arrived and got even excited with the shutter sound during my test shots. After a few minutes, that was when a new set of challenges was presented to me. Usually parents wouldn’t run away if they see the camera’s on them. Read More

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baby bump ahead

…and this happened Read More

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Kai Hoe + May Wedding

When a door closes, a window opens.
While this should be taken figuratively, May’s bridesmaids put a literal spin on this old proverb as they barred the door and watched Kai Hoe complete the challenges they had prepared through an open window. And owning the Gangnam style and waxing his tummy hair weren’t enough to clear the way to his bride until he vanquished all the trials set before him. Read More

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Getting Engaged in Korea: A Guidebook

Having been born and raised in the Philippines and working in Singapore, my girlfriend, Timmy, and I never experienced the four seasons most people living up north or down south experience. With a much-deserved vacation around the corner, Timmy and I thought of the best place to visit and we both agreed Korea is best seen during autumn. We were both excited, most especially Timmy as she always pictured herself giggling behind a backdrop of oranges and reds, a scene only autumn can bring. Read More

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Punggol Lalang Field (ft. Jenzzy)

The calming still life of Punggol lalang fields, tucked away in a corner of the bustling city of Singapore. That’s where I went for my latest shoot, and the task at hand is to amp up some dynamism within this peaceful surrounding. Read More

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A Take on B&W Noir Style (feat. Sheila)

It is very seldom that I get a chance to objectively shoot and convert photos to black and white. In fact, this is only my second time. The first was a few years back. Read More

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Jaipal + Satveer Wedding

Party! – One word that could probably best describe Jaipal and Satveer’s wedding. It was a spectacular night at the NUS for their registry of marriage. It’s amazing that I was able to complete the shoot when my body was unconsciously grooving to the music throughout the celebration. The latter part of the photos will explain why. I would definitely do this all over again in a heartbeat!

Congratulations to the newly weds, you guys are awesome!

jester Read More

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My Sister’s Wedding

I’ve never seen my sister as happy as on her wedding day. It was such a moving and memorable moment. Read More

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Pin up under the direct sunlight and shadow

After months of being confined in editing Supermodelme, I am now having a month break. I am slowly working on the concepts and inspirations that I gathered from the past few months of editing a reality show on modeling. I started with the one that has a minimal production. So I called one of my favorite models, Nina. Read More

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