Shil in kinis

So far, this is my most daring shoot. It almost caused my jaw to permanently unhinge when I shot this =))

Some of you might recognize our model Shilpee, she was the same model from this photo shoot. Thirdy and I had another opportunity to collaborate
with the same team including Simran, our MUA / stylist. It was really great working with this bunch.

I’m not a fan of bikini shoots but it turned out to be a new adventure. We started off with her wearing a bikini, and the more shots we took, the lesser the cover she had. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t just a little more fun and enjoyable than some of the other shoots I’ve had. But like any other photo shoot the challenge was to find striking compositions, search for good vantage points and we had to make the best use of the light, the weather was not ideal either. It was an overcast day, which tends to result in dull scenes and colors. But looking on the bright side, it enabled us to capture a portrait without harsh shadows and highlights falling over our subject.

Pardon the huge amount of photos posted. I totally enjoyed the session and it really did produce nice shots.

And off we go! All set for another photo shoot (that same day)! Stay tuned!


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  • Ricky Paras

    Hey Jester, great job on the blog! Keep those photos coming! :-)

    • Jester

      hey Sir Ricks!! Maraming salamat! :)