Pin up under the direct sunlight and shadow

After months of being confined in editing Supermodelme, I am now having a month break. I am slowly working on the concepts and inspirations that I gathered from the past few months of editing a reality show on modeling. I started with the one that has a minimal production. So I called one of my favorite models, Nina.

The concept was pretty straightforward, I wanted to go with a vintage pin up look. Pin up girls have hourglass figures. They have sweeping eyelashes, they paint their lips a luscious red and sculpt their hair into timeless waves. Credit to Nina, for doing a stunning job on her hair and make-up.

I did the shoot under the direct sunlight, which I don’t normally do. Highlights would be something unavoidable here, so I did a lot of chimping just to make sure that my shots were not scorched. Although I was shooting in aperture priority mode, I kept on changing my metering mode from spot to matrix to spot to matrix. To add a little drama, I also looked for a location where heavy shadows are casted to the model. I had to make my shots tighter most of the time to make the shadow more visible in the photos and to hide the background so it won’t be a giveaway that it was taken in a modern setting as I was going for a vintage look.

Finally, the colors were tweaked in post just to add a more classic feel to the photo.


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  • Antonette

    Awesome shoot. *thumbs up*

  • Wallace

     Nice concept! Perfectness!