Lyle + Renee Wedding

I finally had my first wedding shoot. Few months ago, my good friends asked me to help with one of their projects back in the Philippines.

We met the couple, Lyle and Renee, during our pre-wedding shoot. The first time we talked to them we felt a great connection. It could have been the fact that we share some common interests. We knew immediately that we would definitely have a blast on their wedding day.

The wedding was done in Playa Laiya, one of the prominent beaches of the country. The beach creates a perfect setting for the event.

It was thrilling knowing that I’d be working with my close friends, with a beautiful couple and lovely location. However, we were welcomed by rain since we arrived at the location – the biggest challenge we had to deal throughout the wedding. Fortunately once in a while the rain will stop. But what’s actually more challenging was my lack of experience. On that note, I’ve compiled some pointers that will help me in the future. And I thought being aware of these might be already winning half the battle.

Talk to the wedding planner (or whoever has the program for the wedding)
This will serve as your map to the whole ceremony. In this way, you can be ahead of anything and prepare at least your position on shooting the subject.

Know who’s who
This is a bit of common sense and yet critical. Just do take time to ask who are the parents, the siblings etc. Hierarchy is the key.

The more, the merrier
Ask fellow photographers also to back up in your shoot. More photos is better. And of course, you don’t want to miss the you-may-now-kiss-the-bride moment.

Be bold
Keep in mind that this is not street photography where people might just interrogate you for taking pictures of them. It’s your job to take photos of them. However, try not to be obtrusive as well. You don’t want to ruin the solemnity of the marriage.

Admittedly, in hindsight, my photos are far from what I imagined, but I achieved my goal – I had my first wedding photo shoot, and I was able to learn a lot of things from my friends. It gave me a huge sense of achievement and made me want to learn more and shoot better wedding photos. It was really an awesome gig. Good times.


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  • dokdeleon

    nice article.. when’s the next update?!

    • frozenjester

      hopefully soon thanks, master…