Punggol Lalang Field (ft. Jenzzy)

The calming still life of Punggol lalang fields, tucked away in a corner of the bustling city of Singapore. That’s where I went for my latest shoot, and the task at hand is to amp up some dynamism within this peaceful surrounding.

Amidst the beautiful, natural warm lighting of the sunset, it’s such a pity I couldn’t enjoy the serenity of the location as I had two different outfits prepped for this shoot with only less than two hours before it gets too dark. And due to the tight time frame and the inconvenience of the location, I made the decision not to bring any lighting equipment, which I kind of regret as it would definitely have added more definition to the photos. But I didn’t want to take the risk of spending time to light up the scene and end up jeopardizing the shoot.

It was a pleasure to have Jenny on board for this shoot. Not only was she the model, she’s also the make-up artist and wardrobe stylist, a genuine triple threat and a huge asset to have on this shoot where time was of the essence.

I’m already looking forward to potential future collaborations with Jenzzy. Really keen to explore how we can blend her expertise on make-up and wardrobe styling with my photographic instincts, hopefully pushing our creative boundaries to a new level.

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  • David Tan

    Great photos!! Nice place to shoot at.